originally thought to be the plural of moose, but it is basically everything. commonly used to describe soup. also used as a substitute for many adjectives. usually followed by 'niqlet' or 'niqalips'.
What's up with you musi niqalips?
by MUSI January 19, 2012

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Mu'si noun A nickname given by a Spanish mother to her 1st born daughter. An unmeasurable bond between the mother and daughter that will last an eternity. A special connection which basis its relationship on love, wisdom, honesty, and life experience. Musi is the most spontanious, entertaining, hilarious, enjoyable, and amusing mami you will ever have the pleasure of associating with. She will illuminate your day even durring a CAT 3 hurricane. Her knowledge and intellect will baffel even the most studiouse of people. Her beauty and allure radiates hotter than the stars in the gemini constilation. The trust you will instill in her is superfluous to even the God that you pray to every sunday. Musi is the best friend you will ever have. A best friend that you can see youself spending the rest of your life with. The most caring, sweet, honest, genuine friend that graces this planet. The love she shows for her mother, family, and her boo boo is more abundant than the fish in the sea. Her dazzling and gorgeous brown eyes could TKO mike tyson. Her long, radiant, and foxy dark hair makes ProV hair products wish they hired her as a model a long time ago. And as the singer/songwriter Juvenile once said, "She get it from her momma."
Guy #1," Hey did see that stunning Spanish chick over there?"
Guy #2." Yah, i just tried to talk to her (Musi) but she totally insulted me inside and out."
Guy #1," No way, she looks so sweet and innocent."
Guy #2," I'm going to go home and cry now."
by chewy524321 January 24, 2011

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