a noun.

a person who's personality is mushy or dull or "round".

more than one "mushy" = "mushies"
"yo, i am sick of hanging out with john and joe."
"duh, they are mushies"
"my cousin is also a mushy."
"how come?"
"she is boring"
by dontdothattwice May 19, 2009
any state of drunkenness
after a few drinks i was getting a little mushy
by g cams August 26, 2007
'The Ginger Boffin's' colloquial slang word for a Mustache. Alternatively, the name of her Grandmothers late cat, Mushy.
"My Grandma's cat's called Mushy."
"My, my, my Jonny, you have one mighty mushy there on yow top lip."
"Stop ticklin' my bushy, with your mushy!"
by The Ginger Boffin April 16, 2008
(1) A short person capable of performing auto-fellatio.

Orignated from Colonial Hong Kong.
"It never ceases to amaze me how that mushy posseses such flexibility."
by Normis Cox July 02, 2005
Any kind of mushroom. Also esp. for the magic variety
by drl May 22, 2003
The word mushy in Germany means vagina or pussy.
So when someon calls their cat in Germany, its not here pussy cat. Its here mushy cat.
Or if a guy is to go down on a girl...it wouldnt be come suck on my pussy.
It would be come suck my mushy.
Of course there is always the American meaning too..but that one just isnt as fun.
by Jessels May 08, 2007
the german word for vagina
germans cant sell mushy peas
i love mushy
by ben franlin May 18, 2007

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