Something that is so incredibly weird that it is deemed strange by freaks.
Hey dude that guy over there is totally mushy.

That trick was so mushy, never seen anything like it.
by MonkeyFunkDamio December 03, 2011

Overly crowded, hot, humid, sweaty, uncomfortable rubbing against people. Often used to describe social events including but not limited to: clubs, bars, partys, the gym, etc.
James: "wanna head to club dub tonight?"

Nick: "Nah, I hear its mushy tonight, lets head to Absinthe and dance"
by DuckyWonton September 11, 2011
sentimental, blatantly emotional
He always gets so mushy when asked about his social life.
by The Return of Light Joker December 06, 2009
A person so insanely awkward that no amount of words can stop the overpopulating gay baby surge.
Josh is so mushy, the Hulk couldn't pierce this aura of awkward.
by asdfadsfsd October 02, 2009
1:- Those who kiss amourously in public
2:- Hallucinogenic Fungal Specimins. See totalled
Aww bless, look at those four mushies over there :)
Fancy getting mashup on mushies?
Crapy/blownout waves!When the wind makes the waves really bad and crapy.
Damn those waves are mushy today.
by wiggaasdasdasd September 02, 2005
The droopy bit of foreskin at the end of the penis
"Look at the size of that mushy! It's big enough to cover a sofa!"
by hoodlesswonder August 06, 2009

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