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In an old asian language Mushi means Dragon. The Dragon, or Mushi, was a terrifying beast.
The Mushi defeated the Knight.
by Ashley Kelly Tong January 05, 2011
Creatures in the anime Mushi-Shi

Kind of like ghosts. But more like creatures above humans.
Ginko: That is a mushi that has eaten out all of your memories

Girl: Mushi...? Are they all bad?

Ginko: No. Only certain ones.
by RikkiAnimeOtaku July 05, 2011
mushi is a synonym for cute/awesome/cool/delicious
yes its a synonym for all 4, that way when u say "shes mushi" and u dont want her to know u meant delicious, u can always tell her it means one of they others.

mostly a word used when u want the girl but u want to be a gentleman.
can also be used by women.
man: dmn woman, ur mushi.

woman: and what do u mean by that.

man: easy baby, it means i think ur cool.

woman: oh okay, thx.

man thinking: though i did mean delicious when i said it.
by keriso July 10, 2008
German slag for Vagina. Basically like the english slang word Pussy.
My Girlfriend has a tight Mushi
by Paul April 21, 2005
1.Alot,lots of,big,uber,ultra,ect..
2.A japanese telephone greeting for when you answer a phone.
You rock Jenny... P.S, Mushi love! ^.^
by gmfreak356 May 12, 2008
Telephone greeting meaning "hello" in Japanese
*phone rings*picks up*"Mushi mushi, hows it going Harold"
by Richard Castle August 08, 2007
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