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After acheiving climax by receiving oral sex the man pulls out his semi-flacid penis from her mouth and slaps it around her face. Leaving a mark in the shape of a mushroom.
Marlene give me a great blow job last night. When she finished swallowing I pulled it out and gave her a mushroom tattoo on the side of her face. You can still see it this morning
by J..C..2 March 01, 2009
a mushroom tattoo is when one of the male sex whips out his extremely large penis and whips u any where on the facial region. if enough force is applied a red bruise from the tip of the penis will appear on the face in the shape of a mushroom..hence the name mushroom tattoo.
nick: yea bitch like my dick...LICK IT.

nick: damn bitch i said lick dont bite.


GIRL:damn baby you just gave me a mushroom tattoo.
by nigga nick March 02, 2005
A mark made by a wild and violent whipping/smacking of the male genitalia on another's body part, preferably tha face.
I'm going to give that bitch a mushroom tattoo.
by Michael Pur September 26, 2005
in agreeance with the above definitions, a 'mushroom tattoo' is a result of the under-side of the head of a man's penis having been quickly and force-fully applied to the fore-head of another person (preferrably a female). said to have originated by accident when some over-zealous young man, in an attempt to ejaculate in a more timely fashion, masturbated while being blown - the penis came out of the females mouth and, on the down-stroke, struck her fore-head, thus leaving a bruise of sorts in a shape some-what resembling a mushroom. also, upon occassion, used in by those persons leading a bdsm life-style to mark a slave or sex-toy. WARNING - not recommended! can be very painful for BOTH parties involved...
by seamus October 09, 2003
I don't know what happened to Sarah at the party, but she came back with a nice mushroom tattoo.
by J April 22, 2004
To smack someone in the face with a cock
I gave Shelly a mushroom tattoo last night and she loved it
by Joswa March 31, 2008
When you smash the end of your cock against the face of a deserving party(preferbably with your man berries resting in their best friends mouth) and leave the impring of a mushroom behind to show who's king.
God dammit, Samantha, Jessica takes it a lot deeper than you without gagging. You need to get your shit together, bitch.
Now everyone's gunna know who's your pimp.
by Charlie Chuckles June 08, 2005