to slap somone on the forehead with the tip of a penis
"while marsha was sleeping she was mushroomstamped by joe"
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
Verb: The act of pressing one's penis to a person's face, leaving a mushroom-shaped mark, with semen.

Noun: The mark left from being 'mushroom stamped'
v: Dave Mushroom Stamped Debra, after whacking off on her curtains.

n: Debra went to work today, not knowing she had a mushroom stamp on her forhead.
by Taichi January 26, 2005
An imaginary outline left by slapping one’s magnum dong against the face of another.
If you gave Lady Gaga a mushroom stamp, you'd be using your dong to poker face.
by Rationalize October 03, 2011
When you take mascara from a girls purse put it on the end of your dick and stamp their forehead while sleeping because your to drunk to jerk off on her face.
That chick I went home with last night wouldn't put out so but I was whiskey dicked so I Mushroom Stamped her face.
by neversummer October 29, 2009
To slap a persons forehead with a penis
Person1: "I'm Mexican"

KKK: "Need a mushroom stamp"
Mexican: "Me no mushroom stamp"
by mushroomstamp1304 September 17, 2013
Getting hit with the shaft of a male leaving an impression on ones forehead.
Shane Graves enjoys mushroom stamping Joey Morrow.
by PArtsBoyLOversXoXoXoXo May 30, 2012
when a gay male slaps his penis on the forehead of another male, marking him as his sex slave with a mushroom-shaped mark.
During sex he slapped his penis on his partners face leaving a mushroom stamp.
by Skippy1970 July 23, 2012

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