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a really gay looking haircut that resembles the tip of a mushroom...rounded on the top and then gets larger as it widens out around the base. Only seen on gay people.
Mike's mushroom tip makes him look like a complete idiot.
by punisher January 27, 2007
601 303
the 'head' of a dick; dickhead; tip of a penis; penis-tip; the cap of a shroom
I didn't know she had the GI Joe, kung-fu grip
by Bradley reincarnated February 18, 2004
514 288
The metus, or "head" of a penis. The part that might be the subject of domes.
drip drip drip goes my mushroom tip
by mushroom master July 12, 2005
43 4
A penis, dumbass!
''I have a big mushroomtip.''
by Hootie McBoob August 14, 2003
10 21
1. The glans penis.
2. The entire penis (e.g., the shaft as the stalk of the mushroom and the glans penis as the cap).
"... she took out my mushroom tip, and when it came out it went drip-drip-drip..." (Sublime, "Caress Me Down")
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
205 275
the tip of a dick dip shitz.
the thing at the top of ur penis that a girl licks.
by MM February 12, 2004
93 255