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a really gay looking haircut that resembles the tip of a mushroom...rounded on the top and then gets larger as it widens out around the base. Only seen on gay people.
Mike's mushroom tip makes him look like a complete idiot.
by punisher January 27, 2007
any black person who expresses hatred toward another race. constantly growing in number, esp. in large cities. a typical black racist hates whites, asians, and any other race besides their own.

a typical male black racist often dreams of raping a white/asian woman and probably robbing them afterwards.
a black racist muttering at a white man: "fucking white/cracka nigga."

a black racist muttering at an asian man: "fucking chinese nigga."
by punisher February 11, 2005
The rim of the anus.
Cailtin's dirt rim is looser than a goddamn goose.
by Punisher December 15, 2004
1. A real piece of shit; totally worthless.
2. Slacker, loafer.
My glass piece is entirely cup and gander, not even a homeless man would use it too smoke the dirtiest rock ever.
by punisher December 16, 2004
When one is 'hot'
hey kev, check out that tippie
by Punisher April 14, 2003
to hide something up your ass.
here come the cops, poof that shit!
by punisher January 23, 2004
mainly dominant in big cities, ie. nyc, these are one of the world's biggest hypocrites, but constantly growing and very large in number. these hypocrites become angry and jealous when a caucasian man/woman is going out with an asian/pacific islander man/woman, and sometimes express their hatred to asian-caucasian couples. (i have personally experienced it with my x)

many of them will, however, fight for 'racial equality', and can be seen in anti-racism protests, often yelling "freedom and racial equality!"
a black/hispanic racist says: "look at that white man/girl with the fucking 'chinese' man/woman."
by punisher February 11, 2005
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