A fierce cock slapping used to instill obedience through domination
"Bring me my eggs bitch or suffer the wrath of the mushroom bruise."
by johnny walker November 29, 2003
Top Definition
A phallic contusion in the shape of a mushroom inflicted by a forceful blow of a penis to one's body.
by TubesteakNyourI May 16, 2003
To whack a girl on the head mainly aiming at the forehead with the head of the penis
Alex left a mushroom bruise on Traci and Chanti, it looks like they converted to Hindu now...
by German Gheppetto June 21, 2006
The purple or pink hematoma left by Clint Eastgoode's cock hitting your cheek.
That hit Sandy received last night left a sah-weet mushroom bruise!
by JeepGurl November 02, 2010
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