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3 definitions by Flantari

When one is having sex in the missionary position and then, right before you ejaculate, you pull out then stand up and stomp on your partner's vagina repeatedly. While stomping, you spunk all over her breasts and face. This is all accomplished in one, fluid motion.
My girlfriend was being a bitch last night at dinner, so I gave her a Portugese gas pedal as a punishment. That'll teach her!
by Flantari September 29, 2006
The act of ejaculating into your partner's mouth with such force and ferocity that the semen shoots up into her brain, causing blood vessels to burst.
I haven't been laid in two years, so when Becky gave me a blowjob, I gave her a jism aneurysm. Now I feel much better!
by Flantari September 29, 2006
The act of pulling out your penis while being blown, and systematically slapping your partner's face with it, thus leaving a purplish bruise resembling the tip of you penis (a mushroom).
I gave Carly a purple mushroom bruise when she went down on me last night.
by Flantari September 29, 2006