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preppy who thinks hes hot shit because he is a rich bitch who lives off his parents money and only hates cbhs guys because they get all the pussy once the girls realize mus guys are tools.

Favorite activities include Squash, lounging at the University Club, getting their asses whipped by basically every other school in sports, and taking it in the pooper.
Did you see those two guys making out at the football game? Yeah, they must go to MUS.
by Every CBHS student February 10, 2005
Pussy ass bitch, who loves to work the penis. Have there bitches stolen by CBHS guys. Mus guys usually have very small penises. The taste gets smacked out of their mouth very often (By a CBHS guy)as well.
Contrary to popular belief, MUS guys are not asian, although it is clear why you would feel this way due to the fact that both have tiny penises
by GangstaWithA10inchWang February 16, 2005
Better than a CBHS guy. More respected and well liked. Does not have to cuss in every sentence to sound cool. Owns CBHS in everything but especially in life.
I'd love to get you your coffee MUS guy. CBHS guy to MUS guy.
by Lloyd the OWL April 17, 2005
fucking bitch, cause there rich and they live off there daddies money who would love to be fucked up the ass by any guy or girl with dildo
Who was giving head for a dollar on the corner, it must be and MUS guy.
by Beave February 17, 2005
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