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One who will be emplyed by an MUS guy in the future. Always poor unless kicked out of MUS for steriods, other illegal drugs, or for being a fucking moron. Likes to gang up on a future employer in order to quell his inferiority complex. By braving the certainty of a low sperm count and possible death, their athletics are commendable (steroids). However, they are forced every year to watch their rivals across the tracks enjoy their multiple state championships.
Nick Marable has tiny balls. (steroids)
by Future Employer .... "Sir" February 11, 2005
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A dude who gets all the bitches. Are hated by MUS guys, cuz they are better than mus guys, and they have much larger penises.
OMG Becky, that dudes dick was so huge, he must have been a CBHS guy.
by CBHS pimp February 16, 2005
Total fagget, usually homosexual. Hardass with a truck. Usually poor. Try to steal mus guys bitches.
Cbhs guys aint shiit biiaaatcch
by winkleman March 16, 2004

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