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A magical ceremony celebrated all over the world.
Step 1: Kill a bitch/hoe and leaving the body in a nice warm closet for 1 to 2 months
Step 2: Pull the bitch/hoe out of the closet carefully and position the body laying face-up on the floor with the legs spread
Step 3: Put your mouth around the vaginal opening
Step 4: Have a friend jump on the stomach
Step 5: Enjoy the murpy-fun in your mouth
Step 6: Return the favor and help your friend murp a bitch

**** A double-murp or super-murp can be performed by using a pregnant bitch. Super-murp is the more commonly used term b/c of uncertainty concerning the # of buns in the oven.
John: "Dude I murped like 7 bitches last night!"
Adam: "I know douchebag, one of them was my Grandma!"
John: "Fuck you Adam."

Jeff: "You tryin to murp a bitch?!"
Sally: "What?"
*Jeff kills Sally*
Jeff: "Yeah you are!"
*Jeff high-fives his imaginary friends*
*Sally twitches*

Kyle: "You wanna murp a bitch tonight?"
James: "Yeah, but no more 90 pound bitches; I'm trying to get some of that meaty 347 pound FUPA in my mouth!"
Kyle: "I like where your head is at"
James: "It's fuckin murping time"
*fist pump*

Nathan: "Dude, some guy raped my girl at a club last night!"
Jeremy: "Shit, that sucks...... sooooo....... should we murp her?"
Nathan: "Let's let that kid grow a bit first: I'm tryin to score my first super-murp!"
Jeremy: "Good for you Nathan, good for you."
by The Murping Magician April 23, 2010
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