To lurk on popular social networking site, and stalker heaven MySpace.
I was bored last night and spent hours murking....
by Tom12345 April 19, 2007
To murk is to 1. come 2. make someone come. so if someone says im gonna murk you, you can laugh right back in their face.
James : Bruv, im gonna murk all over you!!
Person getting beaten up : Hahahaha

Daryll : Im gonna murk him man!!
Person next to him : so you really are gay.
by Bob Ginola October 26, 2006
to beat someone when u spit lyrics, to win them by having better lyrics
ez, blad i murked them straight
ill murk u any day
by does it matta? June 28, 2005
murk means 'to beat up someone' used commonly by chavs and gangsters. murking is like the word 'bang' like to band someone. to beat up someone.

'what r you doing blad'
'i am gonna murk you '
'please dont'
'watch yeh you're gonna get murkled proper deep'

by sahnol2006 April 07, 2006
To remove yourself from a situation. To leave.
"About to murk, I say peace to the family...."
Mos Def, Ms Fat Booty
by Big Nick June 06, 2005
To be stolen from in a most violent fashion.
Don't fuck around and get murked on your birthday.
by Katelyn and Rebecca December 20, 2004
To steal, to rob, to take that which does not belong to you
"I murked this breres phone the other day"
by Devilrabbit February 16, 2005

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