n. a nasty, cruel and viscous spreader of false accusations.
At the beginning of the book 1984, Winston Smith is employed as a murdoch, editing dictionaries and history books to comply with party policy.
by E.L. Deflagrante May 23, 2012
Top Definition
defilement (pertaining to memory, character, truth, humanity)
Stealing voicemails of murdered children just to sell news is the mother of all murdochs
by Cherny July 09, 2011
1)Used in describing a male:

A scottish term used for describing a man who is incredibly stuck up, likes a bit of the old slap 'n' tickle, and is a selfish old beast.

2) A scottish term used for describing a woman of elegant beauty, lovely personality, and hates the male murdoch.
Man: Ohhh my dad is such a nasty murdoch!!!

Woman: OH how beautiful is that murdoch!!!
by Kate47567 August 30, 2006
To have one's mobile device hacked or viewed upon with out consent of the owner. Derived from recent Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal
Jealous GF screams at Typical BF, "Who's Veronica and why is she text'n you @ 2 in the morning? BF replies, "WTF, Did you just Murdoch my mobile!?!"
by DuhVOTED ONE July 21, 2011
A guy who likes to jack off. And when he finishes, he takes pictures of it.
A: That dudes a freak.
B: That's Murdoch.
by Hatergirlie October 14, 2010
v: to use surreptitious methods in order to listen to another person's voicemails without his or her permission.
Your paranoid, controlling partner Murdoched your voicemail in order to both spy on you and (emotionally) blackmail you later.
by Beneven Stanchiano July 19, 2011
To magically attract an audience to one's media product by ensuring that no one knows it's there. (via TRMS)
No relevant search results? Wow, they really pulled a murdoch.
by XenoPhage November 11, 2009
Someone who is so afraid of snow he'll abandon his car rather than come in to work.
He ditched his car whilst sat in traffic because there was a sprinkle of snow? What a murdoch!
by Dave McGrohl February 13, 2013
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