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An Irish name used for both sexes describing a beautiful personality, a great wit, charm and elegancy, fantastic good looks and a good sense of security.

Coyle's are placed throughout the world to spread joy and happiness and to bring wit and pleasure to those in need.
AH, she was a lovely coyle, so charming!!

ohhh look at that coyle...hes a right one!
by Kate47567 August 30, 2006
1)Used in describing a male:

A scottish term used for describing a man who is incredibly stuck up, likes a bit of the old slap 'n' tickle, and is a selfish old beast.

2) A scottish term used for describing a woman of elegant beauty, lovely personality, and hates the male murdoch.
Man: Ohhh my dad is such a nasty murdoch!!!

Woman: OH how beautiful is that murdoch!!!
by Kate47567 August 30, 2006
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