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An actual mob not to be mistaken for the bitch asses Ja Rule aka Stewart Little and Irv Gotti aka the Cheeseburglar
I wish the REAL Murder Inc would shoot those lame ass rappers tryin to be murder inc
by reger May 02, 2003
The biggest bitch ass rap lable around. They got JaRule and some other queers that all claim to be hard but can't back their shit up.
by LBEAR March 27, 2005
a bunch of wankstas. refer to's definition of "wanksta" i.e. ja rule, irv gotti, etc. etc.
they claim to "pop some shit" so "holla at them yo"
no examples...murder inc just blows
by nescom March 28, 2003
A fuckin' group of fucking wannabe-gangstas
includin' Ja Rule or Irv Goddy
"Yo, I killed the whole Murda Inc. Crew. I'm the King!!" "You're damn right!"
Murder inc stands for "Murder in nannys crib" the group are named this becuase the
little 5 inch leader named Ja Rule killed a bug in his nans house an he got claimed a murder. He also has a fat friend called irv gotti or some think hes a retard "Irv you fat cup cake eatin mother fucker" so fifty called him im a 100% behind him.
Murder Inc are shizer
by Hall -E- January 06, 2005
The Ocean-Hill/Brownsville Combination, Brooklyn gangsters in the 1930s and 1940s.

Specializing in labor racketeering and murder for hire, this bi-ethnic Jewish/Italian gang had some of the greatest nicknames in the annals of crime:

Lepke Buchalter
Dasher Abbondando
Tick Tock Tannenbaum
Kid Twist Reles
The Mad Hatter Anastasia
Gurrah Shapiro
Buggsy Goldstein
If Murder Inc.were alive today, Messrs. Rule and Cent would be swimming in Loch Sheldrake chained to a slot machine.
by goyische shitheel July 10, 2008
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