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Another name for the album "Mobile Uploads" on facebook. A muppie is when a jappy, preppy or slutty girl uploads a picture. Usually taken on Blackberries and iPhones. In a muppie, girls usually pucker up and look at the camera. There are hardly any muppies where people are smiling. An album of muppies contains pictures of the following:

1. Something funny
2. Pictures of the uploader and friends and or family while they are drunk and most likely contains a drunk caption like "loveeeeeee you betch oxooxo fuyn night at the clunb <3"
3. Pictures of themselves before they go out, usually to a club or a party.
4. School
5. Pictures with older guys
Before the club on Thursday night:

Callie: OMG bitchezz! We better not forget our Blackberries cus we needa take muppies with older guys!!
Carolyn: Kay I'll bring mine. But first let's take some muppies before we go.

At the club:

Alexa: Claudia, take a muppie of me with my Grey Goose!!
Claudia: Kay slut
Callie: Wait betch!! Me and Nat wanna join in!

On the way home from the club, they stop at McDonalds:

Alexa: Hahahaa look at this chicken nugget!! Looks like a dick..LOL
Callie: OMG we NEED to take a muppie..PRONTO

At school the next morning:

Carolyn: OMG Claudia you look like shit!! I'm taking a muppie. I'm also changing my BBM status to "Miss ya Tara"
Tara over BBM: OMG you obnoxious slut I hate you.
Carolyn: Claudia, Tara is beefing with me like every other person in the world, and it's for no reason. Obviously. Too funny. I hate that betch. Take a muppie of our BBM convo please!
Claudia: Kay betch
by scissorsister February 02, 2011
An absolute weenus i.e. somebody who is really annoying and silly.
Madelaine: I'm such a Muppy
Fred: I know right?
by supadupathundapatrolmeister August 14, 2011
Half man, half puppy. An unusual crossbreed. Can usually be observed in its' natural habitat.
Look at that muppy go!
by Lauw Lauw April 06, 2014
If you are a man, and the woman you are seeing is married, or has a boyfriend already.....if you are playing the secondary role, you will be known as a MUPPY, sort of like a man puppy.
If you are a muppy, you are probably just being used. Cougars love to devour muppies, so be careful guys.
by BlackCasanovaLoveDoctor February 11, 2013
Militant Urban Professional - one who hates Yuppies.
I'm a Muppy...bitch. Die yuppy scum!
by Michael L. October 21, 2004
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