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1 definition by scissorsister

Another name for the album "Mobile Uploads" on facebook. A muppie is when a jappy, preppy or slutty girl uploads a picture. Usually taken on Blackberries and iPhones. In a muppie, girls usually pucker up and look at the camera. There are hardly any muppies where people are smiling. An album of muppies contains pictures of the following:

1. Something funny
2. Pictures of the uploader and friends and or family while they are drunk and most likely contains a drunk caption like "loveeeeeee you betch oxooxo fuyn night at the clunb <3"
3. Pictures of themselves before they go out, usually to a club or a party.
4. School
5. Pictures with older guys
Before the club on Thursday night:

Callie: OMG bitchezz! We better not forget our Blackberries cus we needa take muppies with older guys!!
Carolyn: Kay I'll bring mine. But first let's take some muppies before we go.

At the club:

Alexa: Claudia, take a muppie of me with my Grey Goose!!
Claudia: Kay slut
Callie: Wait betch!! Me and Nat wanna join in!

On the way home from the club, they stop at McDonalds:

Alexa: Hahahaa look at this chicken nugget!! Looks like a dick..LOL
Callie: OMG we NEED to take a muppie..PRONTO

At school the next morning:

Carolyn: OMG Claudia you look like shit!! I'm taking a muppie. I'm also changing my BBM status to "Miss ya Tara"
Tara over BBM: OMG you obnoxious slut I hate you.
Carolyn: Claudia, Tara is beefing with me like every other person in the world, and it's for no reason. Obviously. Too funny. I hate that betch. Take a muppie of our BBM convo please!
Claudia: Kay betch
by scissorsister February 02, 2011