To feel very rough after a particularly heavy night out.
After I triple dropped and did that bottle of voddy and passed out and woke up in my neighbours cat, I'm feeling pretty munty.
by supermerio July 10, 2008
Top Definition
to snuggle or rub-up against.
The dog would munty up to his owners side on a cold night.
by Michael Kolb July 28, 2008
Really awesome. Great.
That soup was the munty goodness of my day.
by webchia December 10, 2008
a bi-sylabic greeting used to aknolwledge a friend or to obtain their attention.

NB: It is considered polite to speak the first sylable louder than the second and following a short 2-3 second pause. The greater the difference in sylabic volume (eg MUN...ty), the greater level of respect shown to the reciever of the greeting.

Please also be aware that without sylabic pause and volume change, the word munty may take on quite a different meaning - especialy around females.

See also Munty boy, munting and
bunty munter

Happy munting!
Doug: Mun...ty!

Fraser: Oh, hi there, I didn't see you there my good, good friend. That's ok, listen I've got to dash...MUN...ty
by The Dougs January 09, 2008
A frequent masturbator.
........she caught the guy jerking it in the living-room. What a Munty
by Big Dog Crowzer January 11, 2010
The act of nibbling on.
Sean you should not munty on the wall.
by thepryo October 08, 2008
Ugly person

See also munter
She's munty
by Chris Lloyd January 12, 2004
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