To be reeeeally drunk
Yeah, I was totally munted last night' - Noel, Shaun Of The Dead
by S.O.T.D March 16, 2006
to be a thoroughly roasted jelly head;

to have a lack of control over basic physiognomical functions
:"It soon became apparent that Berts´ turbot impressions were chemically assisted and he was disqualified immediately for being completely munted."
by j December 02, 2003
To be retarded, or mentally challenged in some way.
"Dude, you're munted!"
by Rollo47 July 11, 2003
a bit like cunted but not as offensive
I am as munted as an wet cardboard box
by arsebadger July 03, 2003
A Kiwi term for a hangover or just generally a big night getting messed up
That was the best party last night but I woke up and am totally munted
by Jinjaninja June 01, 2006
A mess, off your tits, talking cod shit to strangers!
Who is this sweaty stranger hugging me and telling me he loves me he is munted!
by will January 28, 2004
In such a state of intoxication (usually only alcohol) that you would be willing to engage in sexual relations with a munter
Dude that guy is so munted he can't stand up.
by Cookie Monster January 21, 2004

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