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when you're really fucked off a combination of drugs.
i was so munted last night, i couldn't see straight.
by mr27 September 12, 2006
the negative aesthetic of a person overall. the measurement of "muntedness" is done on a decimal grading system. 0.1 being least munted while 1.0 is at the highest end of the munted scale. the "muntedness" of a person can be increased by the consuption of drugs and alchohol.
that photo of your girlfriend from last night is 0.7 munted.
by 18Brigalow February 10, 2005
fucked up, deranged and retarded..... possibly one hell of an ugly mother fucker!
yo dude, ur my best friend but ur chick is MUNTED baby!!
by Captain Pugwash March 22, 2004