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What happens to you when you use AOL.
I signed up for 300 free hours with AOL, and then preceeded to bend over and spread my cheeks...
by Hiro August 29, 2003
Something or someone that causes a person to degenerate or become a worse person.
Will is a bad influence. He is so very flaming gay.
by Hiro October 21, 2003
An iddiom, usually used to describe someone who acts stupid or retarded. Also used to describe something stupid or retarded.
Only an idiot who wheres a helmet and tries to bite his ears off plays that sort of game.
by Hiro August 29, 2003
1. A flash animation series. in otherwords...awesomeness
Monteeth: Dude, this shit "Kekin" shit is like off the hook in the shizzy fo nizzy!
Kekin: shut up monteeth...
by Hiro February 21, 2005
when something or someone is jacked up or looks like a hot mess. like if you were to sit on your sandwich and it got mashed.
'i dont want that one, its all munted.'
by Hiro April 26, 2003
a person who does dumb ormean stuff for no good reason other than to be a jerk,that spoils other peoples fun or good mood.
"quit being such a juje!"
by Hiro April 26, 2003
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