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Munrowned= Munro owned.
Munro is the owner anf ounder of
When Munro owns someone, he Munrowns them.
Munro: Banned
Member: Munrowned!
by Kristofer Johansson March 31, 2005
to apply bright red lipstick then kiss an unsuspecting person on the cheek, leaving them wih a shmexxy red lip print on their face.
**kiss your person on the cheek**
(in very loud voice)
by TheMunrownrr. March 01, 2009
when someone named munro, eg a teacher named miss munro,or a girl named munro, owns you, or makes you her bitch
Me: Hey Chris, did Miss Munro send you out?
Chris: Yeh.


**Girl named Munro powers someone**
Victim: Well Munro, erm.. uh...
Victim: ang.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE December 27, 2008
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