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d00b is slang for a joint or a spliff. Tramps and strange fucked up children smoke this.
Im off to smoke this d00b....
by Mez October 29, 2004
Gorgeous guy who makes everyone SMILE!!
'Bij you ROCK'
'Bij you make me HAPPY'
by Mez April 26, 2005
Something very BIG, massive or gigantic.
'Woahhhh that ass is chunka munka man'
by Mez April 26, 2005
aka: Curtin Posse Reprezent! 2605

A group of individuals residing in the suburb of Curtin, Canberra Australia. Commonly banding together as a posse. 2605 being the post code.
'Curtin Posse represent 2605!!!'
by Mez July 12, 2003
sound people make when they wee.
listen to that guy weeeeeeeee while weeing.
by mez January 20, 2005
What's up?
What are you doing?
How's it going?
Mez: "Doin' brah?"
Bog: "Not much, just chillin'"
by Mez July 09, 2003
nizzle = nigga
bizzle = brother OR bitch (in a good way)

Useful for wiggas who don't want to get beaten down for calling each other niggas.
Honky stoner 1: "This weed is the shiznit."
Honky stoner 2: "Fo shizzle my bizzle."
by mez January 11, 2005
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