hairy, beast like child. golden-brown in color. totally pwns at cs.
by brett andrews June 28, 2003
Top Definition
n. Excellent cooker and eater of nachos; amateur zombie film maker; lover of hessian bands.
"That munoz just bought a Rammstein CD!"
by samwise March 09, 2004
v. (To muñoz.) To speak spanish with a castillian accent.
Dude, that kid just totally muñozed.
by Jimmy Williams May 01, 2003
to abandon engagements; to tell friends you're gonna meet up repeatedly, but never show up; to flake; also see: flakey mcflakerson
Man, Munoz munozed me AGAIN!
by Cornelius J. Africa August 28, 2006
Lying. In the act of lying. Decieving others at will. Making up stories. Also to stalk ugly short stubby legged gold digging whores.
example 1. Chuck almost got in trouble last night. So he had to munoz to his parents so he won't get grounded

example 2. Yo man...nigga was locked up cuz he was caught munozing his ex. You heard?
by Office Space March 30, 2005

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