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Europeans use the word 'Mungee' to describe Canadians, other wise known as 'try hards'
Mungee is also known as a caker, or mungee cake
Basically someone who trys to hard, or is not european
"eww, look at that mungee"
"that girl/guy is such a caker"
by hillarii August 24, 2005
The Liquid that is secreted out of a dead womans vagina after she has been buried.
To go mungee hunting; 2 people go to a grave yard, one places there face in between the crotch of the dead woman, and the other jumps on her then forcing the mungee all over the first persons face. (after she's been dug up of course)
by Unrelated January 13, 2004
Some one who is mentally retarded or deformed.
Garth went into the bathroom and he saw this mungee in there pulling his pud.

You see that chick? Ya she had a mungee mouth
by StrictPuppet March 13, 2004
An Italian-Canadian Slang term for the Glans' Penis (Head of a penis) approximately two feet wide.
Hey, how about you slice up some Mungee and stick it on that mortadella sandwich?
by Giordano June 22, 2005
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