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derived from the Italian sausage, meaning a loser.
"Guy's a fuckin' mortadella."
by juss_peachie January 16, 2006
Fat bitches the size of school buses who hang out and dance in clubs thinking they have a chance of picking up a guy other than a black haitian who's into fat white bitches.
"y0 man, check out that mortadella on stage, i think the floor joist beams'll bail out and make the floor collapse."
by March 29, 2003
Usually a white troz' who weighs no less than 235lbs, lives in close proximity to a fast food chain (McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Harvey's, Pizza Hut), and is always one of the most active bitchez on the dance floor. The scientific reason for this hyperactivity is due to the fact that all the accumulated sugar stored in scarced accumulator pockets throughout their body, slowly gets released in their blood stream as they move their often stagnating bodies.
"ehh bro, go ask that mortadella near the bar if she can cut us some slices off her thigh for our lunches tomorrow, i tink my mom didn't go grocery shopping yet"

"minghia j0e, they have crazy bass in this club, i can feel the floor moving even in the bathroom"
-"nah br0, its just a mortadella on the dance floor"
"aight c00l br0, eh, we buy a couple bottles to impress the girls?"
-"b3h y4 br0, w4t d0 you t1nk 0v3r h3re guy, y0u t1nk euhhHhhh. b4h g1mme y0ur 20 doll4rz 0h"
by March 29, 2003
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