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A cordless device used to enable/disable other devices from a distance.
He used his remote control to turn the channel on his T.V.
by Unrelated February 05, 2005
Pirate = Yarg
Industry = -istry

The ongoing efforts to share copyrighted information over the internet.
Yargistry costs companies millions of dollars in lost potential revenue each year.
by Unrelated March 25, 2006
The Liquid that is secreted out of a dead womans vagina after she has been buried.
To go mungee hunting; 2 people go to a grave yard, one places there face in between the crotch of the dead woman, and the other jumps on her then forcing the mungee all over the first persons face. (after she's been dug up of course)
by Unrelated January 13, 2004

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