A toilet clogged with toilet paper
That toilet's plugged, someone left a mummy in there!
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
a fanny, usually unshaven
my mummy's popped out
by ish and twins April 20, 2008
After receiving oral sex, a man ejaculates in the eye of the person giving fellatio, then that person has to walk like a mummy to find their bus fare.
After I gave that bitch a mummy, she was stumblin' all the way to the door!
by BBT0101 April 02, 2008
its like when your alive but your brain is so friend your like a walking dead personn "your a mummyy" or you just been "mummified"
your soo drunk you've just been mummifiedd Your a mummy .. often relates to c bosco anna and all the other mummies
by rob nixon April 03, 2008
a marijuana cigarette
I was smoking a burrito sized mummy.
by Brak Atk May 16, 2003
BAAAAAH! i loooooove my cheese whiz!!
i no i waaaaant it!
Middle English mummie powdered parts of a mummified body used as a drug, from Middle French momie, from Medieval Latin mumia mummy, powdered mummy, from Arabic mumiyah bitumen, mummy, from Persian mum wax
Date: 1615
1 a : a body embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians b : a body unusually well preserved
by hobo powers August 24, 2003

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