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A sweet, good looking,intelligent girl, who is always busy, but know when to have fun, and enjoy a good time. trustworty, and always there for you. the one person you want to meet before you die.
wow valeria
by black eragon September 15, 2009
A valeria is a great friend. Shell always be there for you when you need her. She's also the person you wanna fuck. She's great at sex and loves feeling sexy. She's a great friend to keep for your whole life.
Damn valeria.
by pollnumber2 August 03, 2010
A sweet asa person who knows how to party!
the energizer battery, just keeps going and going ang going
by THE TRUE AND ONLY JENNA March 12, 2003
Valeria, a very beautiful, happy, and all around fun girl to be with. She loves feeling and looking sexy. Her smile will drive you crazy and her laugh is to die for. A person you know will always have your back. You'll love her. She cranky but will get over crap quickly. Even just being a friend to her is enough. As long as you have this girl in your life you'll be promised eternal happiness. She's a really chill girl to be around. She's fun. She's sexy. She's cheesy. She's adorable. She's simply amazing.
Cole: I wish Valeria would look my way.

Valeria: I saw a kite today

Tim: Damn I wish I had Valeria back

Valeria: I want a sandwich

Nicky: I'm jelly of Val

Valeria: today is going to be a good day.
by {KittyKatLover} March 22, 2013
A person who is quite the eye-catching and unique individual. Very cool, unlike most.
Hey, mom, can I be Valeria when I'm older?
Tim, that girl's cute, but she's not a Valeria.
by servin'bacon January 27, 2011
An amazingly beautiful girl with nice eyes and a cute smile great friend to have perky attitude and butt can be the light of the party
why thats valeria can't you tell shes the light of the party
by gman21 June 29, 2011
Will always be there for you, very caring, and does not start drama.
Valeria is always there for me with the best advice.

I can tell her ANYTHING and I know it'll be safe!
by Luzie September 15, 2012
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