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When you take a shit so nasty that the next person to use the bathroom needs to send in a canary first to make sure the air isn't poisonous
I just took a coal miner in the john, you might want to wait a few minutes before you go in or you could choke to death.

On my poop-gas.
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
A dirty slut that everyone takes a turn with
If you're looking for an easy lay (or crabs), the receptionist is the pink bicycle of the office!
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
Something that smells like shit that shouldn't, like when someone blasts ass beside you in a restaurant or pub
Damn, ever since those guys at the next table started dropping ass this bar has gone Smountain Fresh!
by Poopadynitz October 16, 2013
Getting a reach-around from a chick when you're stoned
Dude, I just got an awesome reef-around when that chick jerked me off after we hit the bong!
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
A toilet clogged with toilet paper
That toilet's plugged, someone left a mummy in there!
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
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