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Secks that involves lots and lots of pewp squished in there.
Jeeny loved to have steamy hot pewp secks with her boyfriend on wednesdays.
by Killjoy November 12, 2003
n. pl. mullet or mul•lets.
1. Any of various stout-bodied, edible fishes of the family Mugilidae.
2. Any haircut inwhich the back is significantly longer than the sides and top of the hair.
see also: shlong, hockey hair, soccer rocker, ape drape, Kentucky waterfall, achy breaky, Missouri comprimise, Tennessee top hat, Canadian passport.
Harry thought the long golden locks of hair would be his future wife, but when he turned around, he soon realized it was only a Mullet.
by Killjoy November 30, 2003
Groups of masochists willing to sacrifice their own sanity in order to provide others with a detailed inventory of stupid media.
What? You really sat through all of Jack Frost 2: Return of the Mutant Killer Snowman? You must be in the chibi-clan or something
by Killjoy March 29, 2003
An ethnic slur used to describe an African-American person living in Alaska.
Blaskans live in nigloos.
by KillJoy March 24, 2003
Noun: A caucasian person of female gender. This person has done so many drugs, both legal and illegal, that there are no definitions for some of them, even on this site.
Jesus christ, that wackycracka is convulsing; should we take her to the hospital?
by Killjoy June 15, 2004
Ownish is an adjective to describe something that is really sweet. It was derived from the term "owned" in Quakeworld Team Fortress.
Her cameltoe tasted quite ownish.
by KillJoy March 24, 2003
Hobocide is a huge blaskan fagaz0rd who strives to aquire as much stomach pussy as he can in one day for the guinness book of world records.
by KillJoy March 24, 2003

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