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(1) When something is just plain weird, stupid, or fake.
(2) When someone says something weird, stupid, or a bad comeback.
(3) Complete rejection
(1) Movie: A man falls off a 10 story building and keeps running. Background -Muh!
(2) Statement: Man, your mom is like a shoe, she keeps walking all over the place. Background: -MUH!

(3) Q: Hey, Do you want to go bowling? Ans:-MUH!
by Aceper1 June 20, 2011
16 13
It means whatever you want it to mean without having to hear some bitchy or stupid reply...
like for example if your mom tells you to do something, you would reply with fucken MUH!!! Therefor not having to hear you mom bitch about how you are so lazy because you said (no i don't want too)!!!
by Liquid Magma February 05, 2010
2 0
Verb: What you say after you get someone to say what. It also makes people feel stupid when you get MUHed.
Person 1(mumble): Did you her the teacher fart in studyhall?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: MUH!
by lknsplnk May 18, 2011
5 4
a more urban way of saying "mother fucker".
"I'm tired as a muh!"
by wecomefromstars February 23, 2011
6 5
A typical annoying response to anything, similar to meh, but like the cheap knock off brand.

Also can be used as an insult.
"How was your lunch today?"


"You are SO MUH"
by jazzie pazazzie February 04, 2010
3 3
When something is cool or amazing or insane or awesome or radical
Jack Roberts; Mate I just bought some milk
Dean Upton: muh
by deanupton May 19, 2010
1 2
When you have nothing else to say in certain situations you just flop your hand forwad and say in a deep voice MUH!
Gemma sits in an awkward situation, therefore she does muh.
by flowersandpetalsandseeds123 February 12, 2011
0 2