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A period in time when one becomes hyper and easily-amused. Usually spurred by a period of not sleeping. Characterized by excessive laughter, shortness of breath, and spontaneous urges to act crazy. It is commonly induced by humorous and nonsensical words (i.e. tinfoil, bagpipes, wooden ladle, toenail, pudding, etc.)
Citizen #1: Hahaha, doorknob is such a funny word. I feel like pouring soy sauce on my head and dancing through the streets naked.
Citizen #2: Yo, that nigga is in muffin time.
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Special attention given to a women's vaginal region, specifically oral stimulation.
Woman: "I want muffin time!"

Man: "Yes, dear."
by Fatmanscoop crank da lamb August 11, 2009
When a girl knows she's about to engage in sex or oral pleasure.
Kloe was so excited to meet up with her boyfriend that she excitedly told her friend, it's MUFFIN TIME!
by MISTERATLAS November 07, 2014

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