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1.A beautiful sexy chick. 2.A creature who takes over her victims minds making all thoughts in their mind about her. All they think is her. They live, breathe and eat her and once they have finally confessed their 'love' for the creature known as 'Kloe' she will eat the victims soul...
Man 1: Dude I can't stop thinking about this chick,
Man 2: What's her name?
Man 1: By the way she's invading my mind, I think she's a Kloe
by Yes o_o April 22, 2011
A girls name. Commonly the one named Kloe is abeautiful lady. She is perfect in all ways, but tends to be self concious. She has more than one best friend, and she loves everyone. She is funny, and has an amazing personality. She has a smile that makes others happy around her.
Kloe is the most beautiful girl in the whole world.
by i<3kloe December 26, 2011
An absoloute Penis who is mean to Keira all the time. She feels the need to burp in everyones faces and I probably have enough of her gas to create a nuclear bomb. However that works.
Jessica: Hey, you know Kloe?
Keira: Yeah, she's a complete penis.
Jessica: I know.
by Keiralouisexo September 22, 2010