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Lesbians cupping their lovers cunts while they use spirit fingers for pleasuring.
The two lesbians muff cupped each other whilst making sweet sweet love.
by Iioveupookey266261 May 20, 2014
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a word that you call someone who is being a moron or you just dont like its simply just a insult.
"fuck you mitch you stupid muffcup".
by rooksy89 October 14, 2010
1. when a cupcake does not have any frosting, sprinkles, or other cute additions.
"Do you want this chocolate cupcake?"

"but it doesn't have any frosting! its a muffin without frosting!"

"no way, muffins are bigger and less sweet and they have fruit and nuts and stuff!"

"fine, i guess we will just settle and call it a muff cup."
by February 05, 2010

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