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Mark Holland
..and Muffa took went home with that slag who had tits like roofers nailbags. He told us she had a twat like a punched donut.
by Rigs April 28, 2003
your beautiful face after it's been beat by beauty gods
I just finished doing my make-up, doesn't my muffa look banging?
by Dr. Pecker March 23, 2010
An insincere douche bag, who probably got cheated on a lot. Is most likely a stupid drunk living at his dad's and can't keep anything but a grudge. Very oblivious, and prone to believing anything. Aka: mother fucka's.
Shania: Hey you hear about Kyle, his dog of a girl cheated on him. Lost his job too.

Alice: He is a Motha Fucka, him and his spider. Friggin' Muffa's
by ForeverAwesome January 15, 2011
A quick wangster way of saying Mother Fucker!
You Muffa's are messin' with the wrong white boys!
Ya we gonna mess you muffa's up real good.
by Aliceinwonderland92 January 15, 2011