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a durogatory word to desricbe one of the white race. meaning honkey mother f*****
That guy is a honkey muffa
by chuffy1969 January 04, 2010
What you say when you get home and your wife/girlfriend is not there.

Location of origin Navajo Nation
"Hey man wheres your wife?"
"dunno hogon"
by chuffy1969 January 04, 2010
When you get so drunk you can't do anything but lay face down on the floor in your own vomit.

location of origin is Texas panhandle
"Dude, You should have seen the minoleum at the party last night."

"You should have seen it i got minoleumed at the bar last night."
by chuffy1969 January 04, 2010
An ex girlfriend that you broke up with because she got fat.

Location of origin is Texas panhandle.
I dumped that b**** when she went rhinocerosorus.
by chuffy1969 January 04, 2010
A prostitute that makes a sh** load of money
That b**** is a gadroogle
by chuffy1969 January 04, 2010

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