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performing oral sex on a female
yes can perform muff dive and rescue tactics on me at your comand
by matthew December 31, 2003
Football slang for when a player is returning a kick and drops (fumbles) the ball when it get to him and then everyone jumps or dives on it
did you see the muff dive right at the end of the 3rd quarter?
by Dick G September 20, 2010
To perform oral sex on a female.
Can be risky as you might end up with facial STD's if the woman isn't clean.
"Sue loved me muff diving her last night."
by Zoist August 15, 2005
To descend upon the muff(s) in question in a thermally ascending manner, partaking with great ravishment of the toe belonging to ruminant mammals of the genus Camelus. This will usually cause the aforementhioned muff to quiver most uncontrollably while exuding large amounts of succulent lubricating liquids.
Muffdiving was solely a gentlemans sport until the last century.
by pimp0r January 19, 2004
(slang) To perform cunnilingus on or to have coitus with a woman.
I bought her a drink, and she said "Let's go to my place and you can muffdive me all night long."
by Robert E. Porter January 20, 2006
To go down on a female and thoroughly enjoy munching on her vagina, even if she herself is not enjoying it.
Tim Loves to Muff Dive Lumberjacks.
by The Bowse September 30, 2009
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