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Mufasa is a nickname for an amazing individual. If you are given the nickname of Mufasa than you are majestic, amazing, loving and somewhat egotistical. Mufasa is very protective of his family and his friends so if i were you i wouldn't get in his way because he will fight to the death to protect the ones he loved. All men want to be called Mufasa because his sex drive and skills are next to no one. The lady that is chosen by a Mufasa is a lucky one she will not only be pleased sexually but he will defend and love her till the end. Mufasa is truly the king of the jungle.
guy 1-my sisters new boyfriend is so fucking cool i wish i could be like him!

guy 2-dude i met him...hes a real Mufasa!
by lilbabywolfey December 02, 2012
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