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(verb) When a man dons women's clothes and receives anal sex from another man.
Joe lifted Don's leather skirt, removed his lace panties and the two practiced mudging.
by walt February 19, 2003
24 67
feces caught under the head of the penis when removed from the anus
I pulled some mUdGe from that skanky fat pig's butt box.
by Captain Mudge October 02, 2003
100 78
A big round shite. Like a ball. Blocks up your ass something fierce.
Jeez leds.. i just blew a mudge
by November 02, 2010
39 28
A name originating in england in the 1700s, from the name 'Margret'. It is generally associated with prestige and honor.
Thomas Mudge was a groundbreaking watchmaker and inventor.
by hgs11 November 12, 2010
28 24
To mix or homogenize together two sauces using an item of food with particular reference to tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.
;What are you having with those chips?
;I was just going to mudge this ketchup and mayo together
by gettymonster December 10, 2011
5 10
Short in stature. Short for Curmudgeon.
Tim Stretch is such a mudge he can't see out the cockpit
by Adolph Oliver Nipples November 06, 2003
43 60
Is when you chatter your teeth without opening your mouth or when you are pretending to play the drums with your teeth
George stop fucking mudgeing!!
by Duke322 April 14, 2010
12 30
Used to describe general Sydney filth. A fine but viscous substance that covers most people and places in the greater Sydney area in a thin film of scum. The word can also encompass larger items of junk and refuse more generally, such as furniture from council cleanups, akin to what Philip K. Dick described as Kipple.
I am so sick of this God damn mudge!
by Sven Vollstag October 18, 2010
2 26