Typically used to describe the anus; especially, the female anus.
Man...he put that thing right in her mud slinger.
by The Diggler May 16, 2006
Top Definition
This can be defined in two ways:
1. Little kids playing in a giant mud puddle throwing mud at each other, therefore being known as "mud-slinging."
2. Just another politician trying to make a point and get somewhere in the presidential campaign. These pointless acts of slandering the other candidates are also known in the Congressional area as well, like during the elections of State Representatives and Senators.
1. There's the neighbor's kids in my yard throwing mud at each other.

2. Those stupid politicians are so lame with their mud-slinging.
by Me August 13, 2004
Someone who shits their underwear then takes them off and slings shit at people using the elastic band of the underwear for slinging power.
I'd eat that whores asshole but I've heard she's a mud-slinger
by Cobbs666 December 04, 2006
A political person who resorts to name-calling and slanderous innuendo in order to make themselves look better at the expense of others. Most often used to describe disparaging
remarks made during the run-up to elections.
"That Hillary, she shore is a mudslinger... Hee Hee Hee".
by Scrabbleddie August 04, 2007
1) One who slanders others.
2) A maker of pottery, usually on a potters wheel. This is due to the fact that as the wheel spins it "slings" slip or mud.
1) "The political party representative was mud-slinging his opposition."

2) "As a mud-slinger the artist produces some beautiful bowls and cups."
by Brenda November 26, 2003
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