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Italian showers are when an someone who works construction hides a bottle $2 cologne in the glove compartment of their dirty construction vehicle. They do not go home after work and just go straight to the strip club and douse themselves in cheap cologne.
I only had time for an italian shower.
by Cobbs666 December 04, 2006
When one is on a drunken rampage, he has uninhibited drunk sex with jews while yelling racial slurs at them, then the next day claim that you are not racist. Now also known as the dirty Kramer.
Let's go find a few orthodox's im in the mood for a dirty gibson.
by Cobbs666 December 02, 2006
The woodmatch is a when you try fucking your girlfriend up the ass when she doesnt want you to, making her clinch her hole, therefore drying it up completely. And yet you still proceed. Now its called the woodmatch because rubbing your penies on that hole can be like rubbing a woodmatch on cement, leaving your dick smelly and red.
fuckin bitch got the woodmatch
by Cobbs666 December 04, 2006
The time honoured tradition, where one waits till a time when his ballsack is not tight, but hanging loose like 2 chestnuts in a wet ziplock. Then proceeds to place his balls on his partners face (preferably when she is lying down). You must position your ass above her head for optimum performance. Also must make sure your balls fall directly into the eye sockets, giving her the apperance of a raccoon, or if you will...a masked bandit.
A masked bandit can also be dubbed a as a Zorro costume on halloween.
by Cobbs666 December 02, 2006
A reference to queen latifah's gastrous gaping vagina...see kweef
damn that queen lakweefah
by Cobbs666 December 05, 2006
I reference to keefer sutherland being a vaginal fart....see kweef
she smells like kweefer sutherland
by Cobbs666 December 05, 2006
Someone who shits their underwear then takes them off and slings shit at people using the elastic band of the underwear for slinging power.
I'd eat that whores asshole but I've heard she's a mud-slinger
by Cobbs666 December 04, 2006

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