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when you and your friends sit under a tent and all take poops. Then once the poop is out you throw it at each other. The winner is the person who stays in the tent the longest
lets play mud turtle
by yes June 03, 2003
22 44
An unattractive woman.
I'd never go out with Mary. She's such a mud turtle.
by Andrew Morse September 23, 2006
51 33
Extremely large African female with attitude.
Big ole fukin mud turtle tried to pick a fight.
by Stefex13 March 12, 2012
15 1
n. Derogatory term to describe African Americans
That goddamn mud turtle stole my television.
by Ray Flynn May 10, 2005
80 66
girl you would hook up with drunk, but not sober.
Q: dude i was so hammered last night what happen?

A: Dude you hooked up with that mud-turtle with the acne all over her face.
by blacktony July 10, 2008
2 1
An uncurcumzied penis
Bob has a mud turtle.
by Dave Gross April 09, 2008
17 18
A slang term to describe a poop.
"Gotta get home quick, ive got a mud turtle trying to get out".
by fromthecurtain September 24, 2011
4 11
A girl who grew up in a trailer park that's cute, but only because she's completely fake and covers herself in make-up. She's a 9.5 at night, but a 6.3 in the morning. You never want to bring this girl home to mom. Probably has a couple STD's and been scraped several times. Only has sex on the first night and is out of place in most social settings. You can never take the trailer park out of her.
G: TJ just met that trick at the bar and went to her double-wide for some fun tonight.
T: Which girl?
G: The one in the hooters t-shirt and Dale Earnhardt hat with the baby in her arms.
T: That girl is such a mud turtle.
G: Well, TJ is known as the mud turtle rancher.

by T-Pain Mac August 16, 2008
10 19