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n. Derogatory term to describe African Americans
That goddamn mud turtle stole my television.
by Ray Flynn May 10, 2005
An unattractive woman.
I'd never go out with Mary. She's such a mud turtle.
by Andrew Morse September 23, 2006
Extremely large African female with attitude.
Big ole fukin mud turtle tried to pick a fight.
by Stefex13 March 12, 2012
1.) To mudturtle (or mudturtling) is a sex act in which someone goes down on a woman at the tail end of her period, when it's all brown. Derivation: the reptile, Mud Turtle, which lives alongside swamps and lakes.
2.) It can also refer to the final phase of a woman's period, in which the endometrium is drying up and brown.
1.) Man: Hey baby, mind if I go downtown?
Woman: If you don't mind mudturtling, I'm down.

The act is referenced in the comedy song "Mudturtle" by Purdy Hölsom.

2.) "My period is almost over; I'm mudturtling."
by candyandisaurus March 15, 2014
girl you would hook up with drunk, but not sober.
Q: dude i was so hammered last night what happen?

A: Dude you hooked up with that mud-turtle with the acne all over her face.
by blacktony July 10, 2008
An uncurcumzied penis
Bob has a mud turtle.
by Dave Gross April 09, 2008
A slang term to describe a poop.
"Gotta get home quick, ive got a mud turtle trying to get out".
by fromthecurtain September 24, 2011