slang: Any small shop or convience store that is owned and operated by an indian. Distinguishable by the dirt and close proximity of a large variety of items one would never buy, until stoned.
I ran to the muck-muck for a pack of cigarettes and ended up buying a glass pipe, some lottery tickets, a can of oil, some vintage porn, cheap plastic jewlery, and the owner's daughter.
by ThaDudesBro August 15, 2006
Top Definition
A derogatory term used to describe people of middle eastern descent.
I hate those damn muck mucks! They're all a bunch of terrorists!
by T-Bone21 September 07, 2007
mid-western term to describe any person of unknown ethnicity. comes from misunderstanding the language said person is speaking.
-dude, you know that guy?
-nah, just some muck-muck
by Ripper Jack February 26, 2007
The muck muck is an ellusive creature native only to the south eastern region of the United States. Found prominatly in trailer parks of off dirt roads. The muck muck is rarely seen without it's signature beverage (beer) and dip stain on it's shirt. The female muck muck is known for it's bare feet, pregnant gut, and black eye. Poor dental hygene is common in both male and females. Approach with caution.
go to your local trailer park and find a muck muck.
by Chet the mover December 06, 2007
Slang for chinese food.
Sales manager - What are we doing for lunch today?
Employee - Lets get some MUCK MUCK.
Salesmanager - Chinese again.
Employee - Hey nothing say's loving like Hot MUCK MUCK on a rain afternoon.
by parker19777 May 14, 2011
A bad hockey playa.
Joshua is a muck-muck.
by Lord Vigneau January 29, 2004
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