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A load of cum shot out of a vagina
After I came, her vagina turned into a dutch oyster
by parker19777 December 01, 2006
someone who does not pay there bills.
Often by choice, rather than due to unforseen occurance.
This term was coined in the auto industry and used to describe unfinancable customers.
(Sales manager)
Sorry buddy, there credit criminal's cut them loose and grab another up.
(salesman) Damn it I thought I had a citizen here.
by parker19777 January 20, 2009
The act of performing oral sex on someone who's penis was previously up your ass.
Before I cum in your ass, let me give you a dirty forlano
by parker19777 December 08, 2006
A well dressed man, with tendancies of being an alcholic cock sucking slob.

The act of a cock sucking slob trying to get in a straight guys pants.
Julie: Look at that good looking guy over their.
Katie: Dont bother, he's a Forlano.

Son of a bitch tried tried to Forlano me.
by parker19777 December 02, 2006
some one intent on screwing you, wether physically mentally or financhiley,
Uncle Dicky really stuck it up my ass.

I had 100 bucks in my pocket, then I met uncle dicky.

Uncle dicky ruined my life, now I got a headache
by parker19777 December 02, 2006
To be fucked over by someone.
To get ill treatment from a boss
I got bournivaled by my ex wife..

I was bournivaled by my boss when I got transfered.
by parker19777 December 01, 2006
Refering to the act of anal sex.
The act of engaging in anal sex.
Also being obsessed with the act of anal sex.
Hey I was with this chick last night, I triparied her all night long. Greeked. Hahahahahaha. Pushed her stool way in.

Wow that guy was triparied, All he wanted to do was anal.
by parker19777 August 29, 2007

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