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a laugh used when thinking of evil things
by Anonymous August 28, 2003

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An evil laughter, sometimes followed by coughing.
Soon, the world will be under MY control! MUAHAHAHAHAHA- *cough, hack*
by Scary Mary June 08, 2005
A laugh used by a person who IS evil!
his laugh pierced the tortured womans ears as he slit her throat "MUAHAHAHAHAHA"
by Jay_Rhoads February 24, 2005
a laugh used when u have naughty intentions on your mind
Do you like poontang pie? muahahahahaha
by ViTaMiN E July 20, 2003
Something that is or smells like Grandma's lamp.
That lobster is muahahaha so I won't eat it in the library.
by Bob Nouy October 25, 2003