MTF has a VERY high potency, One of the BEST type's of weed in the US. MTF (Matanuska Thunder Fuck!) is rare because it is grown out in "The Valley" (A.K.A Matanuska-Susitna or Mat-sue) of ALASKA!
Tourist: Aye homie I need a dime bag of this magic weed "MTF" I keep hearin bout.

Alaskan: NIGGA, DIME BAG!? You can have this shit(MTF) here by the Eighth, Ounce or Quarter. I dont break bags foo. This shit here is M T F.
by Byron Yesno December 03, 2008
Make Trade Fair.
Commonly used by Coldplays Chris Martin, as well as an equal sign written on his left hand.
person 1-How come the economy is so fucked?
person 2-Because people don't understand, they should just MTF.
by sarahmad June 09, 2006
Abbreviation of Mother Fucker.


pro:Fuck you mtf!

n00b:Mtf Wat Lol

random:Whats mtf?

pro:Mtf is mother fucked lolinternets lol




pro:boom headshot mtf.

by Enthralling April 11, 2008
Mercenary Tree Freaks. MTF is an acronym for 1990's UK indie band.
Did you go to the MTF gig last night?
by GPlus September 09, 2006

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